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Enterprise Network Infrastructure

SC360 is a nationwide provider of converged datacom and telecom network infrastructure solutions. We have thousands of highly qualified technicians and project managers that can plan and execute your particular network project or technology deployment initiatives.

Voice/Data Structured Cabling

Security System Wiring

Equipment Room Setups

Servicing and Repair

National Roll-Out Support

Flexible Staff Augmentation

Efficient Moves, Adds, Changes

Data Center Cabling

DAS, Small Cell, Wi-Fi, etc.

Digital Signage Installation

Network Audits

Logistics Management

Warehouse & Equipment Marshalling

Public Networks Installation and Maintenance

Owned and operated by SC360, Netricom specializes in public network installation and maintenance services for wire-line and wireless carriers. This subsidiary has 30 years of experience in the public network environment.

Our team of highly skilled technicians and expert project managers can provide you with an end-to-end hardware and equipment installation solution including testing and commissioning.

In the case of short term technical staff augmentation requirements, we can deliver technicians with the necessary skill sets for you to manage and direct; a valued solution when faced with challenging delivery timelines or budget constraints.

Home Cable Wiring/Installation

SC360 is a recognized leader in contractor-based home installation services. Given today’s competitive communications market, we understand that outsourcing installation and service calls is a critical decision that will affect your bottom line and your relationship with your customers. With this in mind, we have developed industry-leading business practices to optimize every aspect of our service delivery.

Keep your customer happy

Your customers are always served by subject matter experts because we maintain an extensive and rigorous training program and refresher courses.

Deliver a great experience

Our fleet of technicians undergo a security check before hiring, receive appropriate training in people skills, and follow our strict code of ethics.

Why SC360?

The foremost reason why you should choose SC360 is simply because we are the

best at what we do. In a nutshell, benefits to you translate in customer

satisfaction, quality work and cost-effective solutions.

Cost Effectiveness

 Our ability to keep up with developments, threats, best practices, and changing needs delivers measurable value to our customers.


 We employ thousands of certified and experienced technicians and project managers who can handle any project.

Industry Standards

 Our strong knowledge of best practices allow us to deliver top quality networks that comply with the highest industry standards.

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